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Travel Vaccinations & Medicine

Travel medicine is what's keeping you safe and healthy when you travel internationally. It is the whole practice of providing pre-travel preventative care and includes:

Providing immunizations

Providing preventative medications such as antimalarials and antidiarrheals

Education on precautions regarding food and water, insect bites, altitude sickness, etc.

Information on environmental hazards such as pollution, high altitude, and traffic safety

Preparing and addressing traveler’s special needs such as those with diabetes and infants


Travel by Location

These are the recommended vaccines by medical experts on each location.

Travel Diseases

These are the most common travel diseases that are fatal but easily preventable


In a language spoken in Tanzania and Mozambique, ‘Chikungunya’ means ‘walking bent over’, which may result from severe joint pain


An estimated 5-10% of people who get the infection will die from complications


JE virus is the most important cause of viral encephalitis in Asia.


Meningococcal meningitis is a bacterial form of meningitis, a serious infection of the thin lining that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.