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Japanese Encephalitis

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 JE virus is the most important cause of viral encephalitis in Asia.
It is usually asymptomatic. However, when clinical disease develops, the case-fatality ratio is 20-30%, and 30-50% of the survivors of severe cases will continue to have neurologic, cognitive, or psychiatric symptoms

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Bite from an infected mosquito, primarily Culex species


67,900 cases

Worldwide annually (estimated)


Fever, chills, headache, muscle pain, mental confusion, spasms in the neck and spine, muscle weakness

Severe case 

Long-term neurologic, psychosocial, intellectual and/or physical disabilities in about 30-50% of survivors of severe cases; death


Precautions against JE, including avoiding mosquito bites and receiving vaccinations, should be considered:
 - Take preventive measures when mosquitoes are most active, particularly from sunset to sunrise
 - Use a recommended insect repellent containing either Icaridin (20%) or DEET
 - Wear appropriate clothing (e.g.long sleeved shirt, long pants)


The Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, Ixiaro, is recommended for all travellers who travel to high risk, agricultural areas. The vaccine is given as a series of two shots, given on days 0 and 28 or 0 and 7 for last-minute travellers. A booster shot is also given between one and two years to provide ten-year immunity. Wondering if you should get the JE vaccine for your trip? Book an appointment with us and we will provide you with the appropriate recommendations based on your itinerary, risk factors, and risk tolerance.


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