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Tuberculosis (TB)

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Tuberculosis mostly affects adults in their most productive years. However, all age groups are at risk. Over 95% of cases and deaths are in developing countries.

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Person-to-person through close contact with someone infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis

10.4 million cases

worldwide in 2015


Generally mild including persistent cough with sputum and blood, fever, chest pains, night sweats, weight loss.
The majority of people infected never become symptomatic or ill, and are said to have a talent tuberculosis infection. Overall, approximately 10% of those infected will ultimately develop active tuberculosis.

Severe case

If untreated, slow disease progression, death.



Prevention against TB, including avoiding people infected with TB and receiving vaccinations, should be considered:

-Discuss preventive options with a doctor for those with an immunocompromising condition.

-Avoid exposure to potential TB sufferers in crowded or enclosed environments. Among specific facilities, working in hospitals in high incidence countries is associated with a particularly high risk.

-Canadian travelers visiting friends and family are likely to represent a group at higher risk, perhaps due to their closer contact with the local population. 


may be considered for certain long-term travelers traveling to high-prevalence countries in exceptional circumstances.



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