Typhoid Fever

Travellers to developing countries should make themselves aware of the causes of Typhoid fever, how to prevent it, and what its symptoms are. Come see us to learn more about the risk for developing it at your destination.

What is Typhoid fever and how is it transmitted?

Typhoid fever is an infection that arises through the bacteria Salmonella typhi. You could develop it if you stay in an area that has low sanitation and hygiene standards and insufficient access to safe drinking water. Keep in mind that if you are travelling to a developing country but will stay in an area that has better sanitation than elsewhere in the country, you could have a decreased risk for infection. 

One way that the infection is transmitted is through consuming food or drinks that were handled by someone who is infected, as transmission occurs through the feces of an infected person. Your drinking water or shellfish could also be contaminated by sewage that has been polluted, and it’s possible that fruit and vegetables you consume will have been fertilized with contaminated human feces. 

How can you prevent yourself from contracting Typhoid fever?

We provide vaccines that can be effective for as long as seven years. Keep in mind that vaccinations do not prevent all cases--they are effective at preventing 50% to 70% of them. This means you should always take other precautions to stay healthy, including by washing your hands frequently with warm running water and carrying alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you.

What are the symptoms?

Monitoring your health while travelling is essential for catching concerns as soon as possible. Symptoms of Typhoid fever include the development of a fever gradually over a few days, fatigue, constipation, headaches, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. Some people will show no symptoms, which means you could transmit the disease to others without knowing it. The severest cases could result in your intestines bleeding or your liver and spleen becoming larger.

Avoid Typhoid fever by getting a travel vaccine at our travel clinic in North Vancouver.