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Polio is a highly infectious, viral disease.

Although polio is asymptomatic in the majority of cases, in approximately 1% of cases, it attacks the central nervous system and leads to paralysis.

Canada was declared free of wild poliovirus in 1994 by the World Health Organization. There is still a risk to travellers going to regions outside those in which polio has been eliminated.

Fecal oral

Transmitted from person-to-person, primarily through the fecal-oral route and less frequently through close personal contact with infected respiratory secretions or saliva.

74 cases

Reported in 2 endemic countries in 2015

Symptoms: Fever, fatigue, headache, vomiting, stiffness of the neck, pain in the limbs

Severe case: Paralysis (in the legs, muscles used for breathing), death

● Precautions against polio, including good hygiene measures and vaccination, should be considered.
- Travellers should practice good hygiene measures, including frequent hand washing.
- Travellers with unimmunized infants/children should be advised to seriously consider delaying travel to endemic areas, ideally until full immunization have been obtained.

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