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 An estimated 5-10% of people who get the infection will die from complications



Person-to-person through close contact with someone infected with C. diphtheria or their possessions

4,778 cases

Worldwide annually (estimated)


Symptoms: Mild fever (rarely >38.3ºC), sore throat, difficulty swallowing, malaise, loss of appetite, and if the larynx is involved, hoarseness


Severe Case: Psuedo-membranes from in the throat, tonsils, pharynx, and larynx causing a potentially fatal obstruction of the airway and breathing difficulties


 ● Precautions against diphtheria, including good hygiene measures and vaccination
should be considered:

-    Ensure diphtheria vaccinations are up-to-date or obtain booster if traveling to endemic areas
-    Regular and thorough hand hygiene 
-    Minimize contact with people showing symptoms of respiratory illness
-    Avoid sharing personal items such as eating/drinking utensils,toothbrushand

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