No one wants to spend any part of their travels in a foreign destination feeling ill and wishing they had prepared better at home. With each destination presenting different health concerns, now is the time to seek out a travel immunization clinic in North Vancouver. There you can find out which vaccinations you need and even receive specific tips on how to stay healthy while abroad.

Pharmasave Travel Clinic has received certification by the International Society of Travel Medicine to provide our customers with the knowledge, vaccinations, and medications they need for their travels, whatever their destinations are. This includes immunizations for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, yellow fever, polio, shingles, tetanus, cholera, typhoid fever, Japanese Encephalitis, and more. 

Which immunizations you should take depends not only on your destination but also on what you will be doing while there. Those who are travelling to rural locations to work or spend time on a farm may have different needs for staying healthy than those who will be staying in a nearby urban area, for instance. This is why we can provide you with free information on which vaccines are needed for each location, so you can become fully prepared for whatever you will be doing. 

We also offer travel consultations at our travel immunization clinic. This is a great opportunity to meet with a pharmacist who is experienced with providing knowledge on travel health needs. By providing the pharmacist with a detailed plan of where you will be travelling and which immunizations you have had completed already, whether as a child or as an adult, you can receive the information you need for finalizing your preparations for travel.

Pharmasave Travel Clinic can offer you everything you need to prepare for healthy travels. Just call us at 604-356-3531 to book an appointment today.