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We all love to travel. But no one loves that horrible feeling of getting sick while on vacation in Mexico or while away on overseas travel to countries like China, Argentina, Peru, Eygpt, India or the Thailand. Surely you don’t want to go all the way just to get sick because you thought getting a vaccination was not important. Of course you don’t want that. You want to fully enjoy your vacation! Thats why you need a travel vaccination or immunization no matter where you are going. Each country poses it’s own risks and we will aim to educate on those risks when our blog is up and running.

North Vancouver Travel Clinic

Located in North Vancouver on Marine Dr. Pharmasave Travel Clinic supplies you with everything you need for a safe and healthy trip.

We are full service travel clinic certified by the International Society of Travel Medicine for consultation on all of your travel needs including administration of all required travel vaccines and dispensing of all needed medication. Our North Vancouver travel clinic is set up for directly billing your insurance company or will help you fill out all of the necessary forms for non-direct bill payment. Our rates our competitive and will help you keep within your travelling budget.

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Our experienced travel pharmacists will sit down with you 1-1 and discuss all of your travel medical needs and impart helpful tips to keep you safe.

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Trip planned? Tickets bought? We offer a large selection of vaccines that will keep you safe during your travels.

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