Health Information for India Travel From Vancouver

Along with maintaining up-to-date routine vaccinations, you should look into receiving a few other vaccines before you leave for a trip to India from Vancouver. This will ensure you will be able to enjoy your time, whatever the reason for your travels. Here are the vaccines you may need.


There are different ways of protecting against malaria in India, and we can determine what will work best for you. Taking prescribed medication before, during, and after your trip is one option that may be recommended if you will travel to areas of low altitude.


Those who will spend time outdoors in proximity to mammals that could have rabies (such as bats and dogs), such as by caving or hiking, are recommended to get vaccinated. If you will work as a veterinarian or help animals in another way, you also have an increased risk.

Japanese Encephalitis

Travellers to rural areas of India or who will be outdoors often are at risk for this disease, no matter how long their trip, and a vaccination may be necessary. If you will be in India for longer than a month, you could be at risk depending on the time of year and where you will travel--ask us for more information.


This disease is spread through food and water that is contaminated in India. Vaccinations are recommended for most travellers. Your risk for contracting it increases if you will stay at the homes of friends or relatives, you are fearless with the food you try, or you will travel outside of the big cities. 

Hepatitis A

Wherever you end up in India, a risk for Hepatitis A could be present in your water and food. This is another vaccine that most travellers should get.

Pharmasave Travel Clinic in North Vancouver is here for you for vaccinations and consultations for your travels to India.