Health Information For China Travel From Vancouver

Before you board the plane to visit China from Vancouver, you should take a few precautions to ensure you stay healthy and able to enjoy your time. Here is what you need to know.

There is a risk for Hepatitis A and Typhoid in all areas of the country.

Hepatitis A can be spread through contaminated water and food all throughout China, so getting vaccinated for this liver disease is recommended. The risk for contracting typhoid is also steady around the country, and most travelers should receive the vaccination to protect themselves. You will have an increased risk of contracting it if you like to try the most exotic foods, will travel to rural areas or cities of a smaller size, or will stay at a friend’s or relative’s place. 

Polio, Japanese Encephalitis, and Rabies vaccinations are recommended in some cases.

You could be at risk for polio in China if you will travel to the province of Xinjiang. Putting yourself in contact with someone who has polio, such as by working at a refugee camp or for humanitarian aid or at a health clinic, will increase your chances of contracting it. You may have received a polio vaccine as a child. If you have, you’ll need to get a booster shot if you haven’t already as an adult. If you don’t know whether you have been vaccinated, come visit us. 

Japanese Encephalitis is present in some areas of China, particularly in rural parts of the country. If you’re staying in these locations for more than a month, a vaccine is recommended. If you’re camping, hiking, or otherwise will spend a lot of time outdoors, even a trip of less than a month can be reason to get vaccinated. We also recommend a rabies vaccine for those who will spend a lot of time outdoors or with certain mammals. 

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