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Hepatitis A

Fecal Oral

Hepatitis A virus is transmitted through contaminated food or water, or close personal or sexual contact
with a person who is infected.


There is risk of Hepatitis A in almost all developing countries including all central and South American
countries, all Africa, the Middle east, Central and Southeast Asia, and parts of Europe. Therefore,
hepatitis A is recommended for all unimmunized travelers to developing countries.


Precaution against Hepatitis A include good hygiene measures, safe eating and drinking habits and
receiving vaccination prior to traveling to risk areas.
Hepatitis A can be given as a single injection (Avaxim or Havrix ) prior to the trip, with a booster given six
to twelve months after the trip. Or it can be given in combination with Hepatitis B (Twinrix) as a three-
dose series. Both Hepatitis A alone vaccine and Twinrix are very well tolerated and rarely cause severe
adverse effects. The most common side effects include soreness and redness at injection site. Please
contact our clinic and speak to one of our staff if you have any questions about Hepatitis A vaccines.



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